I started Pilates with Laura in an attempt to develop a better posture and  to protect myself from injury when I run, but I have achieved much more than this under Laura’s tutelage. Laura is a calm, generous and knowledgeable teacher and I have become stronger, more flexible and much more body aware. I have every confidence in her, she is an inspirational teacher and as a GP I wish that I could prescribe her to all my patients.


I have found Pilates extremely beneficial and feel much better for it. I would recommend Laura’s classes to other men unreservedly. Laura’s medical background in physiotherapy is undoubtedly an enormous benefit.

Laura is deeply committed to Pilates and her knowledge of the range of exercise routines in this discipline is extensive. Her attention to detail in the performance of these routines by her class is painstaking.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Laura herself is a very kind and sensitive person and a perfect example in herself of the benefits of the discipline of Pilates.


Laura is an excellent teacher with a calm, friendly and professional manner. I have been doing Pilates with Laura for just over three and a half years and have always enjoyed the classes from which I feel I gain great benefit. I look forward to the class each week and leave feeling relaxed and toned.

Laura takes the trouble to see that we are all performing the exercises correctly. In addition, she adapts and suggests alternative exercises to suit individual needs. Laura updates her skills on a regular basis and this, together with her profession as a qualified Physiotherapist; inspire great confidence in her abilities. 


“ Pilates is to the human body what regular maintenance is to a vehicle or a piece of complex machinery.  Laura brings a high degree of professional skill and leadership to her classes,  yet manages to cater for individual strengths and weaknesses sensitively.  Her Pilates classes have helped me build up core strengths and to get back in control of my physical capabilities – a highly beneficial experience that I look forward to on a regular basis”.


 Each week Laura has a new routine of Pilates exercises. A thorough warm up,  incorporating standing posture and balance work. There is such flow to the classes.  ‘Roll downs’ onto the mat are smooth and from there the transitions into a variety of toning, strengthening & flexibility movements are smooth, logical and effective.   Laura has knowledge of individuals’ physical/medical conditions and is extremely discreet when  informing/correcting that person for their benefit  as she quietly meanders around the room supervising her attendees. The use of equipment is stimulating and gently challenging. To have a few minutes complete relaxation at the end of the session is a delightful reward after a most enjoyable workout. Finally, Laura will reiterate the need for cool down stretches ending with the attainment of a tall posture to take away with us. Pilates is for me the ultimate exercise for understanding ones anatomy. The toning and discipline that Pilates subconsciously instills in an individual, without the resulting exhaustion from other exercise is remarkable! Thank you Laura for your professional expertise!

‘ Laura is such a skilled and intuitive teacher , her classes have made such a fundamental difference to my physical resilience. Brilliant for learners and those more advanced’


We work all the important areas in every class but Laura varies each series of exercises and sometimes adds in a ball, roller or stretchy band which help to focus on the exercise in a different way.  She is always on her feet to gently realign and help, making sure that everyone gets the most from the class.  Laura’s classes are never repetitive.  I never know what will come next but I do know that I finish feeling mobilised, stretched and reminded how my posture should be for the week ahead.


Laura pitches the exercises to just the right level pushing us a bit further but still within our ability. I’m addicted.


“We are left in no doubt that her aim for us is to give us more control over our bodies and hopefully to become fitter. Laura‘s teaching method is very gentle and yet she encourages all to take full part in the whole hour of tuition.  We are kept busy for the whole session and she is attentive to each class member individually”


“Laura is a very positive and supportive Pilates teacher. She is most encouraging and effective in tailoring activities to individual needs.”


I have been attending Pilates classes with Laura since 2010. Over the years the classes have taken a variety of forms;  most recently I have been attending  her ‘small group’ class. I cannot praise Laura or the quality of her classes highly enough. Whatever format the class has taken it has always been well planned and executed to a very high standard. Laura is calm, caring and understanding and always works to ensure that everyone in the class is achieving their full potential by close individual monitoring throughout the session. The small group class is akin to receiving personal instruction. Laura is constantly modifying exercises to suit our individual needs so allowing everyone in the class to achieve the maximum benefit from the sessions. Laura’s small group classes are the best Pilates classes I have attended and I can honestly say I can’t imagine doing Pilates with anyone else.

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