Taking a class with Laura is like rediscovering what strengths my body has and what needs more focus. Her teaching style is highly skilled, totally supportive and deeply motivating . I’m in my 70s and without a doubt these classes help to keep me strong and flexible.


The highlight of my week, Laura always manages to stretch me out, challenge my balance and relax me all in an hour! I love the variety of movements which change each week, so you don’t get either complacent or bored.


Laura is a superb Pilates teacher, as a physiotherapist she clearly understands how the body moves and imparts that knowledge onto her students with kindness, patience and encouragement, taking into account everyone’s individual needs. A class with Laura enables you to have an hour of peace in which to concentrate on your body and wellbeing.


I love Laura’s classes – really look forward to her Physiopilates every week. She manages to cater for different levels within the class and is very mindful of everyone’s physical abilities and limitations. Although the movements can be challenging (in a good way), Laura’s kind and reassuring manner and her detailed knowledge of how bodies work, somehow makes it seem like a good idea!


Laura is an extremely professional and patient Pilates teacher. The small class size allows for individual attention which we all greatly appreciate. her sessions are not only carefully structured with all the movements well explained, but also varied and fun.


I have been attending Laura’s Pilates’ classes for 12 years now and have followed her to wherever she holds them. Whilst she was on maternity leave I reluctantly attended another Pilates’ class but there was no comparison. Whatever stage you are on your Pilates journey or however fit or unfit you are. Laura is the best Pilates instructor you will find in Norfolk. Coupled with her physio experience you will not need to look any further.


Having done Pilates classes before we can highly recommend Laura’s approach. She is calm and considerate and adapts the exercises to individual needs. Her physio background is fundamental in using different muscle groups and the classes are varied so that we look forward to them and feel the benefit afterwards. The relaxation at the end is wonderful!

Gill & David

Laura is professional in her approach to those of us who have medical issues and is always making adjustments for my condition in a thoughtful and efficient way. Her classes are very enjoyable and relaxing and beneficial in every way.


I thoroughly enjoy Laura’s classes.
Laura’s qualification as a Physiotherapist gives me added confidence and her experience and understanding of the Pilates repertoire is very apparent. She articulates her understanding into descriptive phrases adding variations and offering challenging options. Laura gives encouragement and is attentive, ensuring that each individual performs the exercises correctly and safely with proper alignment whilst giving reminders to be aware of their breathing. She is aware of the details of my needs and limitations and helpfully suggests some adjustments or alternatives accordingly. Laura’s mindfulness meditation at the end of each session leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed.


As a new participant at Laura’s pilates session for beginners I have been delighted by her gentle demeanour and her encouraging assumption that we can all succeed in our own way at our own level. This means that I always look forward to the sessions and am pleased with my progress.


Laura’s classes are quite simply a joy ! An hour of ‘ me time ‘ that sets me up for the week ahead. I look forward to Laura’s classes, in the knowledge that I will feel stretched, relaxed and more supple immediately after them . Laura is calm, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Laura explains the moves clearly and in detail so that you can feel if you have the correct posture and positions . The health benefits for me have been remarkable. I suffered with 2 painful shoulders when I initially started Pilates classes and subsequently ‘hunched ‘ to compensate resulting in frequent back, neck and shoulder agony . I can now move freely and am completely pain free, and am able to mostly self correct my posture during the week by practicing many of the more familiar moves. My core is becoming much stronger, it’s so satisfying seeing and feeling the results from attending Laura’s regular classes over the past years.

I would recommend Laura and Pilates to anyone!


My pilates goals are to maintain flexibility and good posture. Laura’s classes are enjoyable, varied and well planned with exercises at different levels to suit how each of us is feeling that day. I leave each week feeling taller, mobilised and more in tune with my body.


Laura is a most accomplished Pilates Instructor. She is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist, and I feel totally comfortable with the variety of content in her weekly classes. She has a wealth of experience which she delivers in a calm, professional, knowledgeable and caring manner. Laura is aware of any attendees limitations and discreetly amends a movement to the individual when necessary. Laura demonstrates all exercises and the small class numbers allows her to wander around the studio supervising and correcting, as needed, in her gentle manner.
Thank you Laura for my weekly ‘happy place’!


Laura is an excellent teacher with a calm, friendly and professional manner. I have been doing Pilates with Laura for just over three and a half years and have always enjoyed the classes from which I feel I gain great benefit. I look forward to the class each week and leave feeling relaxed and toned.

Laura takes the trouble to see that we are all performing the exercises correctly. In addition, she adapts and suggests alternative exercises to suit individual needs. Laura updates her skills on a regular basis and this, together with her profession as a qualified Physiotherapist; inspire great confidence in her abilities. 


Laura is such a skilled and intuitive teacher. Her classes have made such a fundamental difference to my physical resilience. Brilliant for learners and those more advanced.


We work all the important areas in every class but Laura varies each series of exercises and sometimes adds in a ball, roller or stretchy band which help to focus on the exercise in a different way.  She is always on her feet to gently realign and help, making sure that everyone gets the most from the class.  Laura’s classes are never repetitive.  I never know what will come next but I do know that I finish feeling mobilised, stretched and reminded how my posture should be for the week ahead.


Laura is a very positive and supportive Pilates teacher. She is most encouraging and effective in tailoring activities to individual needs.


I take a lot away from Laura’s Pilates classes! From the imagery she uses to remind me of my posture, to the wonderful mindfulness at the end of the class. She always gives different versions of a movement should any of us not be feeling at a certain level that day. I look forward to our weekly meets and find myself reverting back to Laura’s advice on a daily basis!


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